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Contributor to Radio 4 Programme, ‘Instant History’, Archive on 4, broadcast 17 December 2016

Contributor to Radio 4 Programme, ‘Shadow of the Sun King’ episode 2, broadcast 10 June 2015In our time

Contributor to ‘In Our Time’, Programme entitled ‘The South Sea Bubble’, broadcast 20 December 2012

Contributor to ‘The “Other” One Show’, Three Counties Radio, broadcast 8 April 2011

Contributor to The Long View, Radio 4, Programme entitled ‘Combating a Credit Crunch’, broadcast 10 February 2009.


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The Historical Association Podcasts:

The South Sea Bubble

Origins of the European Financial Markets


Print Media

‘Women were to blame for the South Sea Bubble (according to men)’, The Conversation, posted on 8 February 2017

‘Georgian Banking Blunders’, in BBC History Magazine (January 2013), pp. 42-43

‘U.K. Bank Inspectors of 1783 Found Some Familiar Flaws’, Bloomberg Echoes Blog, posted on 13 September 2012

‘Time and Work at the Bank of England’,  posted 22 May 2011

Contributor to David Musgrove, 100 Places that made Britain (London: BBC Books, 2011)

‘Irrational exuberance in the 1690s’ in S. Eckett ed., The UK Stock Market Almanac, 2006 (London, 2005)

‘Tales from the Old Lady’s traumatic childhood’, The Old Lady: the magazine of the Bank of England, Volume LXXXI (2005), pp. 16-17


Invited Talks

‘Money and Power: the Bank of England and London in the 18th century’, public lecture, Legatum Institute, September 2016

‘Behind the Headlines: Crisis and Crashes’: panel at British Museum with Mark Field MP and Larry Elliott, Economics editor of the Guardian, September 2013

Regular talks for U3A and local historical and other associations: Road to Finchley

‘Women and the South Sea Bubble’

‘Military Wives in the Eighteenth Century’