The Reluctant Bride: an early modern courtship

Eloquence of Love 1

From Edward Phillips’, ‘The Misteries of Love and Eloquence’, 1658

When I embarked on my project to publish the Jeake family letters (read more about that here) I planned only to focus on those sent to and from Samuel, he of Astrological Diary fame, and his wife Elizabeth.[i] But correspondence preserved by Jeake’s father, also Samuel, and Elizabeth’s mother, Barbara Hartshorne, offered stories that were hard to resist. What follows is an account of Jeake senior’s courtship of Frances Hartridge. (The Barbara Hartshorne courtship will form the subject of a later blog.)

Samuel Jeake senior was a prominent man in Rye during the 1640s and 50s. A lawyer and one of the leaders of a congregation that broke away from the Church of England in the early 1640s, he was also a political activist whose sympathies were firmly with the Parliamentarian cause.[ii] He was not what we would consider ideal husband material. He confessed himself to be bookish, solitary, taciturn and laborious.[iii] Continue reading

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